Do you want to get your house refurbished and improve the aesthetics of the interiors? Availing professional painting and decorating services is a feasible option for you. Many people try to paint the house all by themselves and end up in a mess. Getting professionals on board can help you get the desired look for your interiors.

For professional painting and decorating in Wrexham, you’ll come across many companies offering the service. However, clients expect unreal things from a professional painter and decorator.

Here’s a brief insight into the expectations vs reality check that you should keep in mind after hiring professional painters and decorators for domestic painting services.

What can you expect from a domestic Painting and Decorating service provider?

Timeline expectation

Residential painting and decorating is a messy job that keeps the whole house on its toes. Many homeowners, after recruiting a service provider, expect the work to be completed within a few days.

This is certainly an unrealistic expectation. When a painter starts the work, they need to work on the cracks, peel them off, and repair them before starting with the final painting and decorating work. The process may take time to complete.

Painting process expectation

Will you apply fresh coats of paint on the wall as soon as you arrive? This is a common question homeowners ask professional painters and decorators. There’s a lot more to the painting process than applying paint coats.

In reality, the painters need to sand and clean the walls and ceilings properly. To decorate the interiors, they need to move the furniture pieces, tap the perimeter of the room, and cover the whole area with protective plastic sheets before starting the painting work.

Expectations about the number of painters

Most people think that either a single or two painters will be at work and be responsible for the whole project. On the contrary, the reality is completely different. There’s generally a team of painters and decorators who will work long hours to ensure the completion of painting and decorating services and revamping your home interiors.

Expectations about the initial quote

When you initially sit for consultation with the painter, you’ll get a quote from the painter. However, after a complete assessment of the whole structure of the house, if the painter finds any issue persisting in the structure, they need to fix it before starting the paintwork. Under such circumstances, your initial quote might change. We do not expect the quote to remain the same throughout the painting service. For professional commercial and domestic painting services in Wrexham, contact G.B. Painting and Decorating for a wide range of services.